The most common questions

Representing IAFP at EMS Today 2010

"Yes. I do know how you can become a flight paramedic."

Welcome! You are interested in being a flight paramedic.  You have come to the right place.  A common question EMT’s and paramedics ask me is, “How do I become a flight paramedic ?”  At the EMS Today Conference in Baltimore March 4-6, 2010 I had no less than 50 people a day asking how to become a flight paramedic at the International Association of Flight Paramedic’s (IAFP) booth.  This blog is being created to answer your questions and provide reliable information that will help YOU become a flight medic sooner, rather than later.

I have over 25 years of EMS experience including Flight Paramedic Service Manager, EMS Educator, EMS Supervisor and Critical Care Transport Paramedic Instructor.   I am currently President of the National Association of Flight Paramedics and am active representing our industry in Washington, DC. Safety hearings.

Please leave a question you have about how to become a flight paramedic

Jason Hums, MPH, RN, CCEMTP



  1. I would like more information on how to become a flight paramedic.. Thank you

    • To become a flight paramedic you should get certified as a paramedic and gain 9-1-1 experience. You will also need critical care transport experience working with ventilators and hemodynamic monitoring. when you have some experience you will have to take the CCEMTP course and get certified as a flight medic. Check out:

  2. I’m an emt and going to medic class this fall .. I was wondering if flight medics have to have different training or cert to work ..

  3. Greetings:

    My name is Pablo Escalera and I have a MD in Mexico. I am interested in the Critical Care Transportation course, and would like to know if there is any possibility of taking it. Here in Mexico, I have taken the ATLS, ACLS course and I am also an EMT-B since eight years ago for the Mexican Red Cross. So, I would appreciate more information about it, like what documentation is needed and the duration of the course, cost, etc.

    Thank you in advanced for your time,


    Pablo Escalera MD.

    • Critical Care Transport is a specialty with several training options. Large tertiary care hospitals often have their own in-house courses. The University of BAltimore COunty offers a course for certification as a critical care transport specialist check out

      What kind of work do you do in Mexico? Do you work with paramedics?

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